Our Vision and Mission


Mission Statement

We aim to establish with the help of our clients a valuable service and product range with quality and value for money that will constantly place Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions at the top of the market for parents with children from birth to five years.


Strategy Objectives

  • Market leader keeping ahead with new developments and techniques

  • Build on solid foundations

  • To assist many generations to come

  • To serve and meet the needs of our clients

  • To be pioneers at the cutting edge of the market

  • Establishing new products

  • To meet the ever changing needs of our clients and the market

  • Achieving high quality care and products

  • Total commitment to our service, products and concepts

  • Train the next generation of parent coaches

  • Taking our concept and products overseas


  • Encourage our parenting coaches to treat people with respect and dignity.

  • Apply the highest standards of excellence in service and products.

  • Maintain happy and satisfied clients who keep coming back and referring our name on to their friends and family.

  • Respond with professionalism in our actions and ethics.

  • Profitable and productive not only financially but also in our lifestyle choices to enable us to generate a return on our investment. 

  • Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions will be the people's choice for the most respected and valued service.

  • Committed to building a united family.

  • Consistent in all that we do.

  • Outstanding and personalised service.

  • Partnerships built on integrity and trust.

  • Commitment to excellence. 

  • Culture of passion and understanding. 

  • Belief in people, building and changing lives.


The Future

  • life, leisure, business,

  • be constant and consistent

  • family-centred

  • becoming a worldwide family





Remembering our small beginnings and always striving for improvement.

  • humility

  • character

  • commitment

  • generosity

  • listening

  • passion

  • responsibility