Sleeping Well at Night

Confident that You've Met Your Little One's
Physical and Emotional Needs

You Can Confidently

Meet Your Child's Needs

For Sleep, Feeding and Eating, Development, Connection and Play
Imagine being able to ...
Help your Little One to:
  • sleep independently
  • re-settle
  • sleep for longer periods
Learn How to:
  • respond to your Little One's physical and emotional needs
  • grow your own confidence
  • improve your bond with your child
Help Your Family:
  • all get the sleep they need
  • establish a workable routine
  • enjoy a bit of peace and serenity

I'm Christine Jolly,

Parenting and Sleep Coach

As Featured in
Working Mums: Stories by real women on how they manage children, work and life, compiled by Danielle Ross Walls & Louise Correcha, Finch Publishing, 2018.
My chapter delves into my journey into motherhood and my desire to make a lasting impact on my community, bringing together thousands of local mothers through friendship, events,  projects and volunteering.
"My current career choices were all made while being the mother of small children. I built a local empire of local families with my two little girls involved every step of the way. My little ‘business associates’ joined me at meetings at the Town Hall. They played with sticker books while I gave presentations to local service providers. As they began to attend school, my time became more focused on delivering better programs to local families." pg. 85
You can find the book at your local book seller or available for download as an ebook.

About Me


As a parent coach, I have a particular focus on the relationship, timing, conditions and parent/child behaviour around pediatric (newborn-5 years) sleep. My Sleep Solutions program delivers great results helping parents target key areas in their daily habits and routines that may need adjusting.


In addition to sleep, I work with parents on a wide range of topics (including behaviour, development, play, feeding/eating) emphasizing

  • "being with" our children,

  • supporting their going out to explore their world and learn new things,

  • adopting age-appropriate boundaries and

  • repairing any ruptures to the family relationship.


My ultimate aim for parents is to strive for their own progress, not perfect parenting.

I have studied courses in Pediatric Sleep and I am a trained facilitator of parenting programs:

  • Circle of Security

  • 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching

  • Bringing Up Great Kids

  • Family Food Patch

My personal approach to all areas of parenting are informed by

  • John Bowlby's theory of attachment,

  • Madga Gerber's respect for the child,

  • Dan Siegel's focus on a child's developing brain and

  • John Gottman's understanding of emotional intelligence.

Clients Came to Me

With a Wide Range of Sleep Challenges

"I wish she would go to bed more easily at night."

"He gets out of bed so many times before he finally just passes out."

"He wakes anywhere between 4-10 times at night and needs us to put things just right before he can go back to sleep."

"She never naps longer than 20-45 minutes."

"He screams whenever he wakes. Is it night terrors?"

"Feeding to sleep used to work for us. But it isn't working anymore. Help!"

"This week he started waking before 5am every morning and won't go back to sleep."

"She will only sleep if she's on me."

"I've held and rocked her since she was born. She wakes within minutes of me putting her in her crib."

"Only I can put her to bed."

"We can't get into a routine because his naps are all over the place."

"Moving from cot to bed has been a nightmare. "

Before Working Together

They Had Tried It All

  • Feeding
  • Replacing Dummy
  • Patting
  • Rocking
  • Shortening Day Sleep
  • Lengthening Day Sleep
  • Pushing Bedtime Back
  • Bringing Bedtime Forward
  • Sleep Clocks
  • Trial and Error
  • Mother's Intuition
  • Father's Intuition
  • Father Settles
  • Letting Cry
  • Strict Bedtime Routine
  • Dreamfeed
  • Sleep Consultants
  • Mother and Baby Unit
  • Music
  • Singing
  • Shushing
  • Explaining
  • Swaddling
  • Putting Down Drowsy
  • Putting Down Awake
  • White Noise
  • Not Feeding to Sleep
  • Co-Sleeping


Parenting Solutions Membership

Helping Worried, Second-Guessing, Sleep Deprived Parents Grow in Confidence
After working with and listening to the needs of thousands of parents in my local community who were all asking the same questions over and over, I developed a membership program where parents can access quality information and real answers for their parenting struggles.
This isn't your typical Facebook parenting group and it's DEFINITELY not an online course (WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?!).

Turn Your Uncertainty into Confidence

Build your parenting village and grow in knowledge, skills and confidence.
  • Exclusive Facebook group for your age group
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • Exclusive coaching access whether online, phone or in person.
  • Ask questions and get answers 24/7 from other members and clients
  • Download age-specific sleep plans and routines
  • Regular Q&A Facebook Live sessions
  • Move up to the next age-group when your little one is ready
BONUS: Discounts on local events and workshops

Each Age Group Contains

Info and Downloads

  • Home and Hospital Checklists

  • Daily Routines

  • All About Sleep

  • Changing Old Ways

  • Sleep Solutions for Newborns

  • Newborn Care

  • Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding

  • Developmental Milestones

  • Relaxation Alternatives

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Daily Routines

  • Developmental Milestones

  • All About Sleep

  • All About Solids

  • Changing Old Ways

  • Sleep Solutions for Toddlers (9-18 months)

  • Toddler Care

  • Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding

  • Administering Medication

  • Relaxation Alternatives

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Daily Routines

  • All About Sleep

  • Sleep Solutions for Babies (3-8 months)

  • Baby Care

  • Dietary Needs

  • Starting Solids

  • Reflux and Medication

  • Developmental Milestones

  • Relaxation Alternatives

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Developmental Stages

  • Daily Routines

  • Behaviour

  • Bedtime Settling and Night Time Waking

  • All About Sleep

  • Sleep Solutions for Young Children (18 months - 5 years)

  • Dietary Needs

  • The Care of Young Children

  • Administering Medication

  • Relaxation Alternatives

  • Frequently Asked Questions

1-1 Coaching

Phone, Online, or in Person
Booking and Payment is a breeze for members looking for a bit of extra support outside their Facebook membership group.
Phone or Online, 40 minutes (worldwide)

For Parenting Solutions members, I am only a phone, Facetime, Facebook Messenger call away. Whether it's tricky naps, picky eating or tantrums, I will listen to your concerns and help you brainstorm a path forward to peaceful homes, confident parents and contented babies and children.

1 Week of Daily Follow Up Support

In Home Visit, 2 - 3 Hours (Hobart, Tasmania area only)


With your mum no longer living in the same town, parenting on our own is the new norm. You might be the first among your peers to enter the parenting journey and don't have a community to tap into to gain hands-on knowledge and experience.

A Cradle 2 Kindy home visit is exactly what you need. I will arrive with a smile and a bag full of confidence, experience and knowledge to pass on to you. Over a few hours you will sip on cups of tea, talk about your journey, go over any concerns and get hands-on with parenting techniques that will increase your own confidence and bond with your little one.

Hobart parents who feel a bit lost will get a boost in their confidence when they book a home visit.


2 Weeks of Daily Follow Up Support

Phone, Online, or in Person

Answers for Your Questions

Questions in the Group

At any time 24/7, pop a question into your membership group's Discussion section. Other members will be around to lend you support, sharing any wisdom or experience that might point you in the right direction.

Keep your questions on topic to your membership groups age range.

Virtual Office Hours

Twice a week I will be present in the group to answer your questions. If your current parenting challenge is time sensitive and can't wait till my office hours, book a coaching call so we can't talk it through together.

Facebook LIVE Q&As

I also host regular Q&A sessions where ONLY members can submit questions that get answered LIVE on Facebook. These videos are available for replay if you miss a LIVE session.

Common Topics

  • establishing good feeding

  • routines

  • naps

  • developing healthy sleep habits and

  • soothing an unsettled newborn.

  • starting solids

  • developmental changes

  • rolling and transitioning to no swaddle

  • self-settling and re-settling

  • independent play

  • emotional development

  • bedtime routine

  • weaning or continued breastfeeding

  • returning to work

  • language

  • toilet training

  • picky eating

  • transitioning to a bed

  • behaviour

  • preparing for kindergarten

  • tantrums and meltdowns

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I really like that Christine sold her self and her business as "parent coaching", not just "sleep training". For me it was never going to be enough to shut the door and let my little boy cry to learn to sleep on his own.


After nearly three years of next to no sleep every aspect of my parenting had been doubted (mainly by me). I needed Christine to tell us (my husband and I) that we knew what we were doing, that we were doing a great job and that we could turn this whole sleep thing around!

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