Falling Asleep Is Like Learning to Fall

Is your little one ready to learn to sleep independently?

Learning to sleep is like learning to fall.

You are very hands-on and protective of your newborn, more so than your Kindergartner who falls off his bike but hops right back on after he comes to you to kiss his elbow.

Your child needs age-appropriate space to explore what their body is capable of. As your child's parent, you respond and guide them in their learning process.

Caring for your newborn is very hands-on. As your baby grows and develops, you allow more space for them to move independently. As they pull themselves up on furniture they may tumble and bump their head a bit. Does that mean we revert back to newborn parenting? Of course not. We respond and still allow age-appropriate space for your baby to learn what their body is capable of and responding to their own mishaps, training their muscles to avoid the next tumble. Eventually, with enough safe space and time to learn, they are running and skipping and jumping. All on their own ... with the occasional grazed knee that requires a sweet cuddle from you.

Many parents still use the same approach with their toddler to induce sleep that they did with their newborn. They are finding that it is taking longer and longer for their toddler to fall asleep and stay asleep. What worked for their newborn is no longer working with their toddler. As parents, we need to respond to our children's biological need for sleep in age-appropriate ways, allowing space for them to learn how their body falls asleep and how they can soothe themselves back to sleep during the night.

Are you ready to shift approaches and learn how you can help your baby/toddler/young child sleep and learn what their bodies are capable of doing?

I can help.

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I can't wait to help your family make changes that help everyone get the sleep they need.


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