I Would Love to Be Your Go-To

It's so easy to become overwhelmed by all the information out there about parenting the first weeks and months and years after your child's birth. It's particularly frustrating when the sources contradict one another.

I once chatted socially to an 5 month expectant mum who was super organised and was already mapping out what her daily routine would be like once the baby arrived and reading up on every single blog and resource she could get her hands on. Her aim was to get everything JUST RIGHT so that transitioning to newborn parenting would be a breeze.

Those of us who have been through this stage, all want to sit this mum down, give her a big hug and tell her to relax. She has time. Babies are human. They are all different.

Here's my hot tip for you to avoid overwhelm.




Better yet, get that person to recommend two books.

You'll have that one friend or family member who you think really is a great parent and you think their kids are fantastic and you hope your kids will be as delightful as they are.

When I was pregnant, I invited myself over to a friends house once a week around lunch time so I could soak in the highs and lows and all the mess of parenting and get the real picture.

After my baby came, that friend became my go-to for any questions (in addition to our doctor and Child Health Nurse).

I do regret that I didn't bother to read any books, though. I thought mother's instinct would be enough. Sigh. My biggest challenge was not having a CLUE how much sleep or awake time a newborn needed. I eventually found a baby book at a used book store, flipped to the chapter on 3 month olds and found a schedule. CHANGED my parenting experience entirely.

Don't have a friend or family member to tap into? Consider ME your friend. I'm here for you. And I have resources. I can be your go-to AND recommend your two books.


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