Lifting the Fog on Parenting

Are you parenting under a fog of overwhelm, disappointed in your lack of joy? Working with clients surrounding their children's sleep, eating or behaviour has revealed that parents change themselves first before they help their children make changes towards healthier, more content lives. One client shared recently: "After nearly three years of next to no sleep every aspect of my parenting had been doubted (mainly by me). I needed Christine to tell us (my husband and I) that we knew what we were doing, that we were doing a great job and that we could turn this whole sleep thing around! It also wasn't just sleep that was giving our family grief. Our toddler was searching for limits and boundaries, I thought we were giving them to him, and we were, but he was also looking for how and why to our day, and even though I was talking to him, I wasn't being clear and consistent. Christine helped me to see that my anxiety around my son and sleep was contributing to friction across the board between him and his dad. When given the right tools for success, I felt comfortable in stepping back and letting the boys figure things out together. My husband desperately wanted to be more involved with parenting the kids, but I was accidentally standing in the way." Client feedback over and over has shown me that there is a need to work with parents on their own emotions, beliefs about themselves and parenting, goal setting and connections to those around them they love enabling them to do the same for their children. Essentially coaching the parents so the parents can grow and coach their own children in life. That is why I've developed a six week coaching program to work with parents one on one to lift them out of the fog and confusion of parenting. To help parents put one foot in front of the other growing towards confidence, sure that along the way they will make mistakes but able to learn and grow from them and become closer to their families in the process. Over the six weeks I will help you • ride the wave of your emotions surrounding parenting • challenge your beliefs about what you think you OUGHT to be as a parent • take steps towards genuine self care • create change in your life by shifting old habits of communication • mindfully be in the moment but also stepping back to observe the big picture • listen and observe before responding with truth and love • and ultimately grow in confidence as a parent, partner, co-worker and human-being After the six week program, you then have the option to continue the one on one coaching weekly, monthly, quarterly ... however frequently you think will benefit you as you begin coaching your children through life using the skills and tools I help you develop. In turn you will help YOUR children grow in confidence and loving connection. I want to acknowledge your heart for your family to thrive and flourish. You know that you need to be confident in yourself, first, to make changes your family may need to take. This year will be YOUR year to grow. Remember the client above? "I honestly believe that there is great value in paying a professional to help sort out a problem. Having Christine involved in our parent coaching meant it was not always MY research and therefore decisions that pointed in a direction to take. Christine was an independent, professional voice of reason that gave advice to my husband and I. This way there was no me versus him, there was just clear and relevant information and a plan in place to follow. And on top of all that, Christine helped keep us all on track. Reminding us of why we were doing what we were doing, helped keep our eyes on our goals, and was available for advice whenever I asked." Do not delay. This is the year for change. Sign up for Confident Parenting Solutions here. Let’s lift that fog and get started today.

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