Client Success: 4 Year Old Laz

This 4 year old boy has one proud mama (who also has one proud parent coach!)

With multiple sensory sensitivities, Laz has never found sleep an easy experience. His mum and dad had taken to sitting with him for up to 2 hours each evening to be a calming presence till he fell asleep. During the night he would wake frequently and call out or come and find them. He also beat the sun each morning to be the first one up. Sharing a room with his older brother was out of the question.

That's when Fiona reached out. With Laz beginning Kinder, she knew that sleep was vital for his well-being.

We came up with a plan that involved a weighted blanket, role-playing the four night time sleep rules and gradually moving his parents out of the room each evening so that he found sleep on his own each night.

Fiona sent me this photo while celebrating 7+ nights in a row of self-settling and sleeping through till at least 6am (if not later) each morning. All while going through moving to a new house and his first ever sleep over at a friends' house. CHAMPION!

I'm so proud of you, Fiona, Dan and Laz!

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