Ditch the Resolution for Better Sleep

After the holidays, you told yourself, "Right! This year we're going to get serious about helping our little one get better sleep." You've read a few blogs and have whittled it all down to a handful of approaches that you feel comfortable with. You'll start with one and if that doesn't work you'll work through your list till one method eventually sticks. You've been through all this before kids with the gym, being organised and holding your tongue when your temper flares up. How long did those New Years Resolutions last? What you needed then and you need NOW is accountability! What if you could inform your "parental instinct" with science-based knowledge and methods surrounding sleep for newborns - 5 year olds? On top of that, be accountable to one of the spunkiest parent coaches around for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! After sending Christine a selfie of her well-rested little boy, client Jess text the following: "I just wanted to tell you (because I am so pumped!) that I put him to sleep for his nap at 8:15am, heard a little bit of grizzling, then at 8:30am he was asleep! I cannnnnot believe it!!! He woke up just before 9am and I waited half a minute before patting him for 3 minutes and now he is asleep again! This is so crazy! Thank you, Christine! I can't wait to tell my husband when he gets home. He will be so proud of him!" With a bit of parent coaching, you'll have a better chance at succeeding and in the end you won't have a swear jar that is full to the brim 2 times over like you did in 2011. Ditch the resolution for coaching. Learn more about working with Christine Jolly, parent coach, and let's get started.

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