Nutrition and Night Wakings

Frustrated by night wakings? You may have done all the "right" things by keeping an eye on age-appropriate awake times, scheduled your naps just right, plenty of good outdoor activity during "up times", early bed time, helped your little one learn the skills of self- and re-settling ... but your toddler STILL wakes up a few times each night! It might be your toddler's diet. You see, your body at night needs protein to stabilise blood sugar. If there is not enough protein, that sugar gets turned into adrenaline which causes ... you got it! Night wakings. Make sure your little one is getting small, regular servings of protein throughout the day with the bulk of it being served at lunch time. Too much at dinner causes its own problems. A simple fix that might get you immediate results. Need help with moving forward to help your family get the sleep you all need? Book a Coaching Call.

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