Reclaiming Breastfeeding Past 12 Months

I am the LAST person to tell you to stop breastfeeding. Instead I want you to begin reclaiming your breastfeeding experience. In the past, at some stage you made a choice. And that choice worked for you and your family. You fed your baby to sleep. You nursed to soothe your baby when she was upset. You enjoyed those moments and the power that came from creating calm using your body. But now that your little one is past 12 months you may have begun dreading your breastfeeding rituals. Your mobile toddler is grabbing at your top demanding "num nums". She "NEEDS" to be fed to re-settle when she wakes in the middle of the night. When you feed to settle when distressed, he wiggles away free and runs away after two minutes. You feel "used". You feel your body has become a dummy/pacifier. The experience no longer brings joy. You're not alone. Thousands of women have felt the same. Most have probably been too timid to mutter their thoughts aloud. At twelve months, your toddler no longer requires your milk to sustain their life. You continue by choice as you are convinced that the bonding and health benefits are worth it. YES! But at some point it stopped being mutually enjoyable. Your toddler was calling all the shots and you dutifully lifted your top to allow him to feed. You staggered into his room at 3am to nurse him back to sleep only to find after 2 minutes he's zonked out. "Well, a pacifier could have done that!" you think. Let's start #reclaimingbreastfeeding. Let's reclaim the joy and bonding around breastfeeding. Let's reclaim our bodies. Let's reclaim the nurturing moments. How? YOU decide when, where and how you are comfortable feeding. It is YOUR body. Feel empowered to say "No, not now." with all the love you have for yourself and your toddler. Not keen on being a midnight pacifier? You might decide that instead you are only comfortable breastfeeding as part of your bedtime, wind-down ritual. You might decide that you are only comfortable breastfeeding in the morning when your little one wakes up. Cuddles and a feed with the sun streaming through the curtains. Not keen on your clothes being taken off your body without your permission? You might decide that your milk is on offer upon waking up, morning tea time, afternoon tea time and before bed time. Continue the journey as long as it still brings you joy. Book a Coaching Call. I can show you alternate ways to encourage your little one to develop the ability to self-regulate and re-settle to sleep, if you need help.

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