Book a Group Sleep Q&A

Hobart mums and dads! Get your group of parent buddies together and book a 2 hour sleep chat with your local parent coach and sleep specialist, Christine Jolly. This open-ended Q&A style session will help answer a wide variety of niggling questions you've had about your little one's sleep. • Does my baby really have to sleep in a dark room? • When can my baby move in to their own room? • Does white noise really help? • When should my little one nap and for how long? • He will NOT go back to sleep after a short nap...... What do I do? • When should I drop a nap? • How much sleep does my baby really need over a 24 hour period? • How many feeds does my baby need in the night? • When can my baby sleep through? • What can I do instead of rocking my baby to sleep? • How do I stop feeding to sleep? • How do I get rid of the dummy? • My baby hates swaddling. What should I do? • When can I un-swaddle? Each parent or couple will go home with a handout suitable for your little one's age group that will set you up for parenting confidence over the months ahead. Book group session today.

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