What to Expect from Sleep SolutionsTM

Our goal is that the Sleep Solutions TM program will equip and teach you how to: 1. Help baby or child: • Go to sleep independently (without outside assistance) • Resettle himself if he wake prematurely • Learn to sleep for longer periods, both day and night. 2. Help you to: • Know your child’s sleep, feed and play needs • Maintain consistency in the message you are giving your child in regards to sleep and resettling • Persist in using the Sleep Solutions TM program which is specific for your child, till the infant responds and no longer needs your assistance. • Renew your confidence in parenting. • Freeing up your time for other things, and to • Enhance sleep for the whole family. 3. Help your environment by: • Bringing order to confusion • Enhancing serenity and peace • Establishing a workable routine. The Sleep SolutionsTM program will help you establish a workable daily routine, develop a settling program suitable for your Little One's developmental stage from birth to early childhood, while still allowing for the individuality of you and your child. Our goal is to help you teach your child to learn how to self-settle and re-settle, not to be dependent on parents or an outside means to get to sleep. Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions Parent Coach and Owner, Christine Jolly, will be your guide along the way. During the two weeks program you will work together to create a sleep plan for your family. Clients benefit from • online courses • exclusive client-only Facebook group for your age group • information on nutrition, behaviour and development, • one-on-one coaching in-home or online • one or two weeks of follow-up and accountability

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