10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Coaching Call

1. A questionnaire to assess the details surrounding your family's sleep struggles. Topics covered are:

  • your goals for change,

  • your commitment to change,

  • your child's details (age, weight, schedule, nutritional intake),

  • description of sleep environment,

  • your understanding of the sleep issues,

  • your parenting style,

  • and your child's temperament.

2. A thorough assessment of your questionnaire.

3. A 40 minute coaching call gently guiding you through the factors at play and discussing the plan forward in a way the works for your family's commitments, lifestyle and parenting approach.

4. A custom plan to address the challenges your family is facing.

5. One week of follow-up support.

6. Exclusive ongoing Facebook group for your age group.

7. Downloadable files and routines.

8. A process that not only "fixes the problem" but improves your bond with your little one as you respond to their needs in a developmentally appropriate manner.

9. A holistic approach to sleep, feeding, relationship, behaviour and development.

10. The complete library of Cradle 2 Kindy online courses for all age groups.

Ready to get a good night's sleep for your family?

Book your Coaching Call.

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