Become an Oscar-Winning Support Actor for Your Child's Sleep

Some things I hear parents say:

  • “My baby needs me to do X to fall asleep.”

  • “If I do everything right (routine, nutrition, environment, temperature) he must sleep, right?”

  • “Tell me what to do to make him sleep.”

Here’s the problem with these statements, you are the main player. Beyond the newborn stage you are not the main player in your little one achieving a good nap or night’s sleep.

Your role has shifted as they develop and mature. You are now a supporting actor. But be an Oscar-winning supporting actor!

Your role is to provide the time and space and loving support for them to make their way over the bridge to slumberland on their own. You respond to their need for support in learning this new skill but ultimately no human being can MAKE another person sleep.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Is what I’m currently doing to help my little one sleep not working anymore?

  2. Do I not want to continue this method of helping my baby settle to sleep?

  3. Is my little one developmentally able to do more in getting herself to sleep than I am letting her do?

If you answered YES to ANY of these, let’s chat. Make a booking for a coaching call and I'll help you become that Oscar-winning support for your child.


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