Preventing Hip Dysplasia

Swaddling is all the rage. But doctors are noticing a rise in a condition that they had previously thought they had eradicated decades ago: Hip Dysplasia. Hip Dysplasia occurs in newborns when their legs are unnaturally straightened dislocating their hips out of their sockets. As you can see in the image above, an infant's hips naturally want to spread out like "frog legs". Modern sleep systems like fitted zip up cocoons attempt to straighten their legs for long amounts of time putting strain on the baby's ligaments and tendons in their hips. When swaddling, do so safely to promote optimum hip health. Keep the arms tight down by their side but their hips loose. This video shows examples of appropriate wrapping and explains the risks involved:

When a Parent Coach comes to your home, you will be shown a few different options for healthy, safe swaddling. You can choose which you prefer and works best for your family. Arrange your consultation today.


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