10 Tired Signs of a Newborn

How will you know your baby is tired? Look for the following signs: 1. Eye Rubbing (between 3-6mo. olds). 2. Jerky movements in their arms or legs. 3. A far off look in their eyes. No eye contact. 4. Seem bored. 5. Skin turns a bit red or pink on their eyebrows or under their eyes. 6. Pulling at their ear or hair. 7. Has the urge to suck. 8. Little hands making fists. 9. Grizzling leading to crying. 10. Are more likely to "spill" their milk. When you notice any one of these tired symptoms begin your sleep routine straight away. Don't worry about "Wait. It hasn't been a full 90 minutes yet!" They need to start going to sleep before 90 minutes to be fully asleep by that point. Otherwise you will have a very unsettled and overtired baby on your hands. It takes a bit of detective work at first but in no time you will pick up on YOUR baby's tired cues and you will quickly help them transition to sleep. We can help you develop a sleep plan for your family if you feel like you need a helping hand. Get in touch.



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