Signs of an Overtired Newborn

How do you know your baby is overtired? 1. They will scream and cry and find it difficult to be comforted or settled. 2. They will have difficulty feeding because they are distressed and exhausted. 3. They will not show signs of healthy growth. Babies grow during their sleep. If they are not getting good sleep and and not eating well, on top of that (see above), their growth will slow down. 4. Any small annoyance or pain will be exacerbated by their tiredness. They might seem fine at one moment but completely lose it over the smallest thing. 5. Reflux will be more prominent if they are overtired as their little muscles are tired babies are likely to "spill" their milk more readily in this state. In this state, do what you can to soothe them. Remove you and the baby to a dark, quiet room. Turn on your Sleep Solutions white noise (available here: Swaddle with their arms down and hips and legs loose. And proceed to shush, pat and rub them matching the intensity of their cry until they settle. Still unsure? Arrange a free 20 minute consultation and we'll walk you through the steps.



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