Newborn Sleep Coaching Session

If you decide that a Parent Coach is a right fit for you to help you feel confident helping your newborn get the sleep he or she needs, here's what to expect: It is advised that you first meet with a lactation consultant at this early stage to be sure that feeding is not the issue with your newborn's sleep. Your lactation consultant will establish if your newborn's latch and sucking is helping it get the milk it needs to grow and thrive. Why should you engage a Parent Coach to help you with sleep solutions? A baby grows when they sleep. If they are not getting good cycles of sleep, they will not grow and thrive. An overtired baby also does not feed well, which compounds their growth problem. If you are worried or confused about all the different sleep approaches, we can help you narrow down which approach is best for you and your family. Your Parent Coach will ask you about where your baby is sleeping. In a bassinet? Cot? Bed-sharing? And about your newborn's sleep environment. Your room? Baby's room? Is it dark? Cold? Warm? You will also be asked about your baby's weight which will help your coach assess if the baby is growing and thriving for it's age and how many night time feeds should be expected. Your coach, if it's a home visit, will arrive sometime in the middle of the day. Your coach wants to observe the baby before it reaches the over-tired evening phase. Together you will set up the bedtime routine, with our Sleep Solutions white noise (available here:, and a good wind-down routine including a swaddling demonstration. Your coach will observe your breastfeeding for a full feed, if possible to watch for any fussy signs. Your coach will demonstrate a shushing, patting technique to help settle the baby from your arms to the bassinet or cot. If you are hoping to wean yourself off any props like rocking, feeding to sleep, holding, etc, your coach will help you kick the habit and find other solutions. It's an exciting time and you should be proud that you are doing your best for your baby and your entire family by receiving coaching in this area. Your friends and family will wish they had done the same with their newborns. Get in touch. Coaching services are also available over SKYPE, phone, Facetime and even email.



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