Tag-teaming for Sleep Success

Teamwork will set everyone up for success sharing the load with helping your newborn learn healthy sleep habits. Take turns doing night time feeds and settling. Breastfeeding mums can express before they head to bed at 9pm. Dad can then use the night time expressed milk to take on the first feeding shift at either 10:30pm or 1am. The night time expressing will ensure that all sorts of lovely sleepy hormones in the mum's night milk benefits the newborn's sleep. This extra stretch of sleep will help mum better manage her day caring for her newborn rather than running on little sleep and having the same reaction time and unsafe decision making capacity as someone with the same levels of intoxication that would make them unfit to drive. Need help figuring out how tag-teaming will work for your family? Contact Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions​ and we'll walk you through the steps.




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