Newborn Sleep Myths

There is so much information out there coming from all different sources. Your mum has one piece of advice and your child health nurse takes a different approach. What should you believe? Myth #1: Never Wake a Sleeping Baby By all means wake a newborn if they have slept past the time they need to feed. You also want to help their biological clock along, so waking them up to start their day at 7am will help them in the long run. If not, their internal clock won't sync with what is happening outside if they sleep in past 9am when the sun has already been up for 3 hours. Myth #2: Formula is Better for Infant Sleep Breastfed babies can learn healthy sleep habits the same as formula babies. There is little evidence to back up this myth. Myth #3: Controlled Crying Will Help a Newborn Sleep This approach assumes that a newborn has the neurological maturity to self soothe. A newborn does not have the ability to self soothe. This requires parental assistance to help newborns achieve healthy sleep. Myth #4: Swaddling Is Cruel and Unsafe "I would hate to be wrapped up tight. Why would I do that to my baby?!" Your baby is not an adult. You may not thrive on a complete diet of human milk but your newborn loves it! Swaddling helps them soothe and feel comfort. It can be used safely if a swaddled baby is placed on their back to sleep on a firm mattress. Do not place a swaddled baby to sleep with you in bed, on a sofa, on their tummy nor on their side. These are all unsafe. Myth #5: Have them sleep in a light room during the day. This may work for the first five weeks, however, from week 6 incorporate a dark room into their sleep environment. Their bodies begin to produce Melatonin (the sleep hormone) only when it's dark. Good luck with sifting through the multitude of information swirling around out there in the world. We're happy to help you sift through it all and determine what works best for you and your family. Contact Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions​ and we'll get started with a 20 minute FREE consultation over the phone or SKYPE.



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