What Is Colic?

Colic is essentially undiagnosable crying. Health professionals attribute many different factors to a baby having colic. 1. Over-feeding. Too much milk and too quickly might upset their stomach making them quite sensitive and out of sorts. Space out your feeds, if this is the case, especially if you are bottle feeding. Be sure to get your measurements just right, as well. 2. A tongue or lip tie might be causing them stomach or wind distress. They'll not have a proper latch and will suck down a lot of air before the milk. 3. Reflux. If you are at all worried that this may be an issue with your baby, please speak to your infant's doctor. 4. Over tiredness. Catch those tired signs early and start transitioning them to sleep as soon as they appear. 5. Several hours of crying every day is a sign of true colic. Do you have a "Colicy Baby"? If your baby is on this spectrum you can expect that they will need sleep training once things have settled down. In the meantime, turn down the lights and stick to one parent and one method of settling. If they are over-tired any little change or irritant will make things worse, including the tag on the back of their onesie! If you sense you need to change things up to "shock" it out of their system if they are unsettleable, you can try the following to apply external stimulation: • Swaddle their arms tightly applying pressure to their upper body. The swaddle should be tight but loose enough to breathe freely. • Change their envirnonment. In fact, it would be a good idea to take them outside and walk around the garden. • Sucking at either a dummy or breast might help soothe them. • Infant massage is a great way to soothe. • Skin on skin. Whether feeding or bathing in the bath or shower together works brilliantly. It is a tough time and there are so many unanswered questions about colic. The important thing is to get help! Don't do it alone, to protect your own mental health. Get dad to take a shift or your mum, sister or friend can all lend a hand so you can have a few hours to recuperate from caring for your colicy baby. You'll return refreshed and ready to re-enter the soothing zone. We're happy to also help you come up with strategies that work for your family. Get in touch with Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions​ and we'll start your journey to more confidence with a FREE 20 minute consulatation over the phone or SKYPE.




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