What Is Normal for a Newborn 8-12 Weeks?

You'll be so glad to hear that right around the 8 week mark your little one's body begins producing the sleep hormone Melatonin. From this point you'll see that their sleep cycles will become clear and established. On the other hand, catnapping can also emerge during this time. Use the following tips to help your baby learn to love sleep: 1. Keep their sleeping environment dark. Melatonin is produced during dark periods. Light in the room confuses their internal biological clock. 2. Swaddling. Keep those arms down and legs loose. This cozy situation will help them focus and settle down. 3. White noise. Use our "Sleep Solutions" white noise MP3 to help their brains focus and remove any noise distractions from their sleep environment. It should be as loud as a vacuum to start off and can be lowered once the baby has settled. Download your MP3 here: www.cradle2kindy.com.au/sleep-solutions-mp3 4. Weight Gain. Is your baby still gaining about 30gr per day or at least 150gr per week? Great! They're right on track. If you are at all concerned, schedule a chat with your newborn's doctor. 5. Expect to assist your newborn to get to sleep. Shushing, patting and rocking are all great ways to help your little one enter the realm of sleep. Once they are 90% of the way there, you can put them in their cot and continue rubbing their back or patting until they have drifted off. 6. Day time sleeps are around 4 hours all together. Night time sleeps average about 11-12 hours. 7. At this age, they are starting to drop the late night cluster feed and you can bring their bed time forward to 6-7pm. 8. You'll be glad to hear that Colic crying begins to subside around this age. If it persists past 12 weeks, talk to your doctor about the possibility of Reflux being an issue. 9. Twelve weeks is a great age to start a routine with your baby. You can wake them up at 7am each morning. Plan their awake, feed, play, maybe another feed, and sleep times throughout the day, putting them down for the night at 7pm. 10. Your baby's Circadian Rhythm is beginning to develop. This is their biological clock that helps them sync what is going on around them with their internal time. When the sun rises, that's when they want to be awake, etc. This is such a great age as you and baby get into a groove and really get to know each other. A parent coach can assist you in boosting your confidence during this age and help you develop a strategy that will work for your family. Get in touch. Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions would love to help. Book your FREE 20 minute phone or SKYPE.



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