Smooth Mornings with Routine Cards and Music

Little ones thrive with having a rhythm to their day. They feel a sense of comfort in knowing what comes next and when. When you request that they put their socks and shoes on because it's time to go, the likelihood of a meltdown is minimal because they are expecting it. From very early on, you can use visual aids to prompt routine activities throughout the day. Our family uses the routine cards from Be A Fun Mum​. You can download them here: For a useful resource about creating daily rhythms accompanied by handy printables: head over and visit The Military Wife and Mom​'s downloads page: Apart from visual cues, there are also audio cues that you can use. Have a morning playlist. Your kids will learn that they have one song to do each routine activity. When the "Wake Up" song is all done, they'll know it's time to go get dressed during the next song. Playtivities​ has used this method with great success. Fred Rogers Center​ created a series of songs to set the tone and expectations of your day called "Everyday Grooves". Set up a daily playlist of fun, parent-friendly songs to prompt your child to get out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and head out the door. Available on iTunes and elsewhere: --- These are all personal recommendations and we are not compensated for mentioning these resources. Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions​ owner, Christine Jolly, uses all of the above tools in her own family. If you would like help in setting up a daily rhythm for your own family, get in touch. Visit and book a coaching call or home visit to learn how to implement these ideas in your home.

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