Avoid Playdate Sharing Drama

You've read all the current literature about sharing and age-appropriate responses. But there is still DRAMA! Your little one has decided that ALL the toys in the house are "special" and promptly removes them from her playmates' hands. Here's a simple tip to help bring the drama levels down: Adjust your approach to toy ownership. When grandma and grandpa bring a gift for your children, that gift is your child's. When you give your little girl a special dolly for her birthday, that is hers. But all general toys that you purchase or build for your family to enjoy, belong to mum and dad. It is up to you whether you decide to be generous with *your* toys and playthings when a visiting child has come to play. You model to your own children your eagerness to share YOUR possessions with them. Your child may take your cue and share her special dolly or super-cool Lego set from grandpa ... or not. That is her choice. Just as it is your choice to share *your* Magna-Tiles​, dress-ups, blocks, animals and toy kitchen and playdough tools with your visitor. In fact, it is up to YOU whether or not you share YOUR toys with your own children. Your generosity will inspire them, as well as, teach them responsibility for looking after and showing care for someone else's belongings. For more ideas on how to model friendly social behaviour to your children, get in touch with Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions​. Contact us at www.cradle2kindy.com.au to chat to a parenting coach about how you can inspire your own children.

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