Mindful Walking

Being the primary carer for a little one is mentally, physically and emotionally taxing. Be sure to look after your own wellbeing so you are mentally, emotional and physically strong enough to care for your little one. My favourite way of boosting my mental health when feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained is Mindful Walking. You can do it anywhere and at anytime. All it takes is 3 minutes. What is Mindful Walking? Focusing your attention solely on the act of breathing and walking. Letting all other thoughts and worries slip away for a limited time. How to do Mindful Walking: Focus your breathing over three breaths. Then step out with one foot while breathing in. Breathe out as you step out with the other. As simple as that! Two rules to remember: 1. Do not walk too briskly, as this will cause rapid breathing. I don’t want you to pass out from hyperventilating! Slow purposeful steps to a normal pace are what you are aiming for. 2. Keep your eyes open! ha ha Not only does it get you outdoors for some fresh air, but you can do it with your little one. Walk in this way for a mere 3-5 minutes and you will feel reviatalised. You can walk in this way for as long as you like. Even 1 minute will yield benefits to your wellbeing. For other ideas on how to look after your own wellbeing, contact Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions​ to discover ways we can help you be the best parent for your little one.

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