Body Awareness Helps to Manage Big Feelings

Just as you might use words to help little ones understand their big emotions. Use words to help little ones tie their feelings to their bodies. Becoming more aware of how their bodies respond to big emotions will help them notice and regulate them as they sense their body reacting. “Oh, your body feels very stiff. Look at your hands. They are clenched into fists. That lets me know that you are feeling upset.” “How does your heart feel? I can feel it beating very fast. That fall must have scared you a bit.” “Your face is a bit red and feels hot. I can tell you must feel angry.” We might find statements like this incredibly banal and condescending. But for little ones their brains are only just beginning to make those neural connections, growing to understand how their bodies are tied to their minds and emotions. Noticing their bodies reactions will help them eventually stop and pause. “Wait, my neck is feeling tight. This has really upset me. I need to move away from this situation and calm down.” As grown ups, we too, can work harder towards noticing these connections and improve our parenting skills by responding to our own big emotions with calm reason. Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions​ is here to help you become the best parent you can be. Message us today to discover ways we can partner with you in your parenting journey.

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