Engage Big Feelings with Your Whole Body

A child comes to you with strong feelings. We must help them learn to work through these emotions as it does not come naturally to young ones.

Developing self-regulation is a learned response that takes time and practice for little people. You can help them by using your whole body.

• Stop all other activity. This requires your full concentration.

• Lower yourself to be on their level. You are now *with* them and not *over* them.

• Keep eye contact with your child. Communicate with your eyes that they have your focus and that you see their feelings are so big that they have come to you for help to carry their load.

• Use your voice to regulate the moment. A low volume, firm and loving voice can deescalate a high-pitched wail of helplessness from your little one. You are in control. You can help them be in control, too.

A Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions​ coach can come to your home and experience life with you over three hours and affirm that you are the best parent for your child. Together you can explore tools that will strengthen your resolve to care for and nurture your children in ways that you are confident are for both yours and their best interest.

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