A Personal Time Out

Being the primary carer for your child is draining—mentally, emotionally and physically. If your little one’s behaviour is indicating that they have big feelings and needs that they don’t know how to control or fix … and your own energy levels are depleted leaving you short of the ability to control your own response … you might need a Time Out. Yes, a moment away from the entire situation. Time and space to yourself to fill your cup and energise you for the task ahead. What?! But isn’t that when my baby/child needs me the most? Yes, but they need you at your best. If you’re not able to meet their emotional or physical needs because your own wellbeing is diminished … do as they do in an aeroplane emergency. Put on your own oxygen mask first and breathe in the oxygen. Then attend to your child. Otherwise your lack of control might cause more damage to yours and your little one’s wellbeing. Make sure your child is in a safe place and then grant yourself what you need to come back to them fuelled with love and respect and peace-of-mind. You might simply lie down on your bedroom floor breathing in deeply for two minutes. You might close your bedroom door and turn on some music that meets your emotions just where they’re at. One song might be enough to pump you up. You might call a friend or family member. Praying is a wonderful way to help lift your load. You have big emotions and needs, too. They are *just* as important and valid as your little one's emotions and needs. Be the best parent you can be by looking after yourself. Don't forget to share your ideas for a personal Time Out in the comments below. A Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions​ coach can work with you to help achieve a healthy balance in your home life. Get in touch today.

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