Influencing Your Child's Self Talk

Think back to a time when you messed up. Someone in authority reacted harshly. Remember those feelings and thoughts you had in the moment. How did you feel about yourself, your relationship to that person, your place in the world?

Remember, our kids carry those same feelings and thoughts. Let's become more mindful in our approach.

Ask yourself these three questions? Based on my response to my child's behaviour, 1. How do they think about themselves? 2. How do they think about our relationship? 3. How do they think about the world and their place in it?

A sharp, harsh, punitive response will likely generate self-doubt and the feeling of being unsafe.

A firm, calm and guiding approach will solidify in a child's mind that even when they mess up they are loved. A trust that they can do better next time. A feeling that even though the world is big and wonderful and sometimes a little scary, they are not alone. We have their backs and will walk through the world with them.

Do you need a little help developing these skills as a parent? It's not easy. Especially if your own parents had a different approach. Email Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions at and we can work together to help you raise wonderful people who will go out into the world with confidence that they are loved and they can achieve amazing things.



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