Job Ideas for Mothers Returning to Work

Ten top jobs for mothers returning to work

Formal work that is. You’re a mother; you’ve already been working hard at home caring for your family. But now you’re looking to get back into the workforce, or you’re looking for a job to boost the family’s income. You need something flexible so you’re not scrambling for a babysitter on a regular basis and something that doesn’t take you out on the road for weeks at a time. You may also need a job that is particularly noble or allows you to work from home, because you need a good reason to take time away from your children. Some jobs are just low-stress or fun, because life is too short to do something horrible or boring. So, in no particular order: Job ideas for mothers returning to work 1. Writer Bit of a wordsmith? Try a writing job! It’s a chance to express yourself creatively, hours are flexible and many jobs let you work from home - so no daily commute! There are many ways for a mum returning to work to be a writer – including freelancing, technical writing (helping people understand science, technology and other concepts) or blogging. You could even become an author, writing your own novels, non-fiction works or children’s books. 2. Editor Someone has to check all the work done by those writers, right? Editing work is a perfect way to return to work, if you’re highly literate and have great attention to detail. It’s another flexible job where a working mother can work to deadlines rather than spending 9-to-5 in the office. It can often be done from home, allowing you to work at times that suit you, and frees you to manage your own schedule most of the time. 3. Teacher Have kids in school? For a mum returning to the workforce, working as a school teacher means you’ll finish work around the same time the kids finish school. You’ll also get the benefit of having the same holiday periods, saving heaps of stress finding baby sitters. Plus, you can be creative, it’s rewarding, you get to work with kids...hey, you might even enjoy it! 4. Bookkeeper or accountant Good with numbers? Have great attention to detail? Bookkeeping and accounting jobs can often be done from home – or you can start your own contract bookkeeping business! You need the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping qualification or higher so you can prepare Business Activity Statements (BAS), but that isn’t too arduous. Expect to be busy around the end of financial year and tax time, but the rest of the year you should be able to find the balance between work and family life. 5. Healthcare professional Caring for others is not only a noble vocation – it’s also in demand! There are a number of healthcare related careers you can pursue – technician, nurse, doctor, carer – many of which have opportunities to work flexible hours. Aged care has been a growth industry for some time due to the ageing of Australia’s population. Disability services are set to explode as well, with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to be introduced Australia wide in the near future. Want to get started? The Certificate III in Aged Care or Certificate III in Disability are great starting courses to develop and demonstrate your skills. 6. Child care professional If you’ve raised your own kids, you’ve probably dealt with the odd booger and ‘poopy’ nappy. Enjoyed it? Well maybe not the ‘poopy’ nappies... but for return to work mothers, child care could be a great way to use your extensive experience in an enjoyable vocation. These days you’ll need to be working towards or hold a Certificate III in Children’s Services to work in formal child care. You can continue on to a Diploma of Children’s Services to run a child care or family day care centre as well – or start your own! 7. Personal trainer Return to work mothers - get paid to be fit! Kick some butt one-on-one or push a whole class to new heights of fitness! 8. Data entry Ok, bear with me – it is kind of boring. The latest incarnation of the typist job, data entry is ideal for a working mother when you want to just type and leave your brain free to monitor your little ones. For many mothers returning to work, this job can easily be done from home and employers often prefer it that way! Fit your work around other activities – tap away while the kids are at pre-school or after they go to sleep. 9. Entrepreneur Got an awesome idea? Instead of being a mum returning to work, pursue your idea and achieve it on your own. You’ll have the job you want rather than the one you have to have. Your boss will be very understanding about unusual hours and time off, too... 10. Photographer Birthdays, weddings, concerts, parties, bar mitzvahs – you can capture those magic moments on memory sticks and save memories for your clients. If you’re a mother returning to work, this is a cool way to get out and have some fun at shoots, then you can do post-processing work at home. Plus some cash for you!

Have I stirred up some ideas? Best of luck in returning to the workforce – it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it if it helps you reach your financial goals or gives you a sense of personal satisfaction.

William Cowie is part of the team at Inspire Education, one of the leading providers of vocational training and child care courses in Australia. He loves to fish, read and tinker with computers in his spare time.

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