Iron Rich Food

To ensure you are getting enough dietary iron eat the wide variety of foods that are naturally high in iron. Iron from plant food is absorbed better by the body if eaten with foods containing Vit C and therefore may cause less constipation. For more information on dietary iron please read Getting Enough Iron written by Dietitian Eve Reed. Here is a list of foods that are rich in iron:


Iron Content (mg)

Cereals, grains and nuts

Rice, brown

1 bowl 200g

Pasta, wholemeal

1 portion 100g

Bread, wholemeal

1 slice 30g

Wheatgerm 1 teaspoon 15g


1 tablespoon 15g


3/4 cup 30g


1 cup 30g

Soya bean curd, tau hoo

1 small square 85g

Cashew nut

1/2 cup 65g


1/2 cup 65g


1/2 cup 50g

Lotus seed

1/2 cup 15g


2 tablespoons 30g

Sunflower seed

1/2 cup 70g

Watermelon seed

1/2 cup 50g

Soya bean, white

1/2 cup 50g


1 cup 180g

Gram, green

1 cup 250g

Gram, red

1 cup 250g


3 tablespoons 50g

Tahina 2 teaspoons 25g


Apricot, semi-dried

10 halves 35g

Dates, black, dried

10 90g

Dates, red, dried

10 90g


1 packet 42g

Longan, dried

1/2 cup 65g

Fig, dried

10 85g

Prunes, semi-dried

10 85g

Peach, fresh

One 155g


Kale, Chinese (kai lan)

1 cup 65g

Spinach (bayam pasir)

1 cup 30g

Kang kong

1 cup 30g

Chinese cabbage (bok choy)

1 cup 170g

Mustard leaves, chye sim

1 cup 55g

Seaweed, dried (hai tai)

1 sheet 15g

Sea moss (fa chai)

1 pinch 10g

Meat, Poultry and Fish

Beef, lean

1 palm-sized piece 90g

Pork, lean

1 palm-sized piece 90g

Pork liver

2 slices 30g

Pig kidney

One 230g

Mutton, lean

1 palm-sized piece 90g

Turkey meat cooked

1 palm-size piece 20g

Chicken, skinless

1 palm-sized piece 90g

Chicken liver

One 50g

Egg yolk

One 17g

Egg, whole

One 50g


1 fillet 90g

Ikan bilis (white bait)

2 tablespoons 15g

Prawns, dried

1 teaspoon 5g

Oyster, fresh

12 60g

Sardine, canned

1 fish 40g

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