How to Toilet Train Your Toddler

If you are looking to start toilet training your toddler, summer is a great time. Wet pants aren’t so cold and there's plenty of time outside where accidents aren't so messy. I suggest you use light undies or those with a thick gusset as they are uncomfortable when wet, especially when wee is trickling down their legs. This helps encourage the use of the potty or toilet. Use a nappy or something similar when putting your toddler to sleep to avoid accidents.

Parents also need training. It is up to the parent or guardian to remember to ask the toddler if they need to go to the toilet. Try asking 20 mins after offering liquids, before going to bed and on waking and approximately once every hour until you or your toddler are more aware of their needs. Training parents to recognise the needs of their children helps children become more aware of their own needs and in learning a new routine.

Toilet training needn’t be a struggle, sit your toddler on a potty or toilet and help him be comfortable. Talk to him about ’wees and poos’, make a ‘ssssss’ sound can help him to associate with doing a wee. Don’t sit him for too long as he will only get restless and eventually resent toilet training. It helps to learn by example. Sit him on the potty when you’re on the toilet. Give him plenty of praise and lots of encouragement even if there is no results. Don’t be angry or scold your child if they have an accident, remind them there will be another time to try. In time they will be aware of their own toilet needs.

Tips: It is not a good time to start toilet training your toddler when there has been a family disruption, extra stress or you have just had another child. Wait till your child has settled into their new environment and feel comfortable before introducing a new skill.

Remember: When leaving the house, remember to carry a few spare pair of pants and cloths, a plastic bag for wet cloths and a cloth to mop up the spills. In the car you may like to sit him on top of an open nappy or put some other padding such as a ‘Chair Pad’ made by Brolly Sheets, under him in case of an accident..

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