Simplifying Motherhood - Part 2

Six steps to help you simplify the daunting and sometimes overwhelming tasks involved in being a mother Lisa Walsh, a psychology coach and mother gives us the second 3 steps of 6 steps to help you simplify the daunting and sometimes overwhelming tasks involved in being a mother.

In our last newsletter Lisa covered the topics:

  • Simplify the cleaning

  • Simplify the troops

  • Simplify the kitchen

Lisa now looks at:

Simplify the Paperwork

Do you have a mountain of paperwork which consists of unopened letters, bills, thank you cards half written, receipts, fliers for events that you know you will never attend, old information about things that no longer even interest you, junk mail? The list goes on, well mine does anyway. Set some time aside, whilst the baby is napping or whilst watching telly in the evening and ruthlessly throw out the paperwork you no longer need. Organise a workspace which can handle incoming mail and paperwork in a no nonsense manner, preferably beside the recycling bin!

Simplify your relationship

Having children is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences we can have, but it can also put a huge strain on relationships. Your other half may share the burdens that are inevitably involved in parenthood, but all too often women are the primary carers and thus we can be left feeling alone and unappreciated. Don’t let things fester, if your partner does something that upsets or annoys you, don’t leave it until you are having a row to bring something up that happened weeks ago. One night a week endeavour to have a date night whether that means getting a takeaway and a DVD or getting a babysitter and going out ensure that you regularly make time to nurture yourselves as a couple. One night a week turn off the television and play a board game or do a puzzle together. It may sound nerdy, but give it a go and you may surprise yourself and really enjoy it.

Simplify yourself

All too often women can lose their identity once children are on the scene. Honour yourself and the amazing person you are. Take time out for yourself, whether that means having a luxurious bath, going for a walk or having a coffee with a friend. It is important that you have your own time. Try and keep active, as we all know the myriad of health benefits associated with an active lifestyle. Not only can being active help us feel better, it also enables us to keep the blues away. Moderate and regular exercise has shown to be as effective as antidepressants in helping buffer the effects of mild depression. If you are feeling low, talk to someone you trust or confide in your doctor. If you have decided to take a career break then enjoy it and don’t feel guilty or resentful about missed career opportunities. A great way of staying up to date with advances in your profession is to keep up memberships to professional associations, join a networking group or enrol in a short course to keep your skills honed. Lisa Walsh lives on the Northern Beaches and is a psychology coach and mother of one, with a second on the way. She can be contacted on 0405 933328 for coaching appointments.

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