Simplifying Motherhood - part 1

Lisa Walsh, a psychology coach and mother gives us the first 3 of 6 steps to help you simplify the daunting and sometimes overwhelming tasks involved in being a mother.

Simplify the cleaning

Housework and mounting washing piles can get to the best of us. If you have the never ending task of keeping on top of the housework, you can try to simplify it by following a timetable. Each day dedicate a set amount of time to each room in the house and by the end of the week your home will be clean without having to do a big weekly clean which can take up a huge chunk of time. If washing and ironing gets you down then try to delegate it to your partner or outsource it. As Jack Canfield says ‘concentrate on what you are good at and pay others to do what they are good at. If you are not in paid work and are at home with the children don’t feel that you can’t ask your partner for help. He is more than capable of running the vacuum cleaner round or sorting out the recycling.

Simplify the troops

Whether you have one or more children, organising them and their growing number of activities can be overwhelming. Depending on the age of your child or children it is important to have a routine that works for you and them. Shared organisation is the key and ensures that you and your partner know what needs to be done when. Plan a short daily activity that the troops will enjoy; whether that involves going to the park, baking cookies, painting, swimming, reading at the library, the activity itself is not of the utmost importance it is the fact that you are fully engaged with your children at least once a day.

Simplify the kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of most households. As you wander aimlessly around Coles for the third time in a week consider how your time could be better spent. Do a weekly menu list together and book groceries online through . You can even get fresh produce delivered from at a reasonable price. If you don’t already have one, invest in a slowcooker and throw all the ingredients in before leaving the house in the morning and know that dinner is simmering away whilst you are out and about. Organise the cupboards and ensure that everything you need is close to hand. Lisa Walsh lives on the Northern Beaches and is a psychology coach and mother of one, with a second on the way. She can be contacted on 0405 933 328 for coaching appointments.

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