How do you know you need our service?

Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer any with a "YES" then your child is probably experiencing sleep problems.

  • Do you have an baby who sleeps less than an hour?

  • Are you feeding your baby every two to three hours?

  • Do you have difficulty getting your baby or toddler off to sleep?

  • Is your baby irritable or unhappy at a particular time most days?

  • Is your baby dependent on an outside influence to help him/her get to sleep? (Nursing, rocking, patting, dummy, sleeping with someone, breast or bottle).

  • Has your baby’s daily routine been upset due to sickness, travel or teething or has the environment changed causing him/her to be unsettled?

  • Do you have an infant (over 3 months) who sleeps less than eight hours at night?

  • Do you have a toddler who is constantly waking at night?

  • Does your child sleep in your bed or constantly get out of bed and you would like him/her to learn to stay in his/her own bed?

  • Would you like to teach your child to go to bed earlier or without an argument or to sleep longer than 5 am in the morning?

If your situation has been mentioned or you would like to avoid any of the above, we have the program to help you.

Before commencing on a settling program:

  • check baby/child isn't sick.

  • check baby/child's temperature.

  • check with your doctor that baby/child doesn't have a ear or urine infection.

If your baby/child has been checked and cleared by your doctor yet continues to be unsettled you may like to try the following relaxation tips before enrolling our services:

  • relaxation music

  • a warm relaxation bath.

  • a walk in the pram with a cover over the pram to encourage baby to sleep.

If the behaviour continues contact Cradle 2 Kindy for a Coaching session.

How Cradle 2 Kindy Can Help

Find out how we can provide professional guidance to help you raise your children through our e-books, coaching and video courses.

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