The Pro and Cons of Child Care

Many parents have asked me what is my opinion on child care? I often ask them what is their reason for putting a child into child care? There are many as you can imagine. Some parents have no alternative as mum needs to return to work. In this case some babies attend child care as young as three months. I believe that if a child begins child care even for half a day a week at an early age they adapt quickly. The older the child the more challenges and tear you may face.

I personally believe child care can be very helpful for both parent and child. Mum gets a break to catch up and have time for herself and baby/child learns to be away from mum. Other benefits may include developing social skills with peers including sharing and extra activities that may not be played at home such as messy play, painting, water play. If you are expecting another child it is wise to enroll your older child before the next one arrives so that he/she is settled in and happy. There will be less of a trauma leaving mum with a new baby if your older child has formed new friends.

Tips: It is best to shop around ask friends and neighbors about centers you. There are a variety of places including family-child-care, government run centres and Montessori centres.

Remember: The major down falls with child’s facilities like these is that they are known to spread sickness. So if your child is unwell please be considerate to other children and keep your child at home.

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