How and When do You Drop Your Baby's Night Feeds?

Usually by three or four months your baby will have given up one night feed naturally and be sleeping eight hours. Those who have not been waking their baby for the last feed before midnight (usually between 9 and 11 pm) your baby may be having their long sleep earlier in the evening, which means she will be waking you for a feed during the night. Those who have been waking their baby before they go to bed will find her long sleep will naturally fall after this last feed which helps you to have a good night sleep too. If you are one of the parents who still need to wake up for that early morning feed you may like to try to change your baby’s body clock by to waking her four hours after her afternoon/evening feed. If you persist with this feed her body clock will eventually change. By nine months baby should be able to sleep twelve hours per night. If he continues to wake you may need to wean her off this night feed by commencing an age-appropriate sleep program. A gradual method includes reducing the amount of breast milk or formula she is taking at this night feed. This may be accomplished by giving a bottle of water instead of the breast or formula. It may help if your partner gives this night feed to break the association of Mum being the comforter or method needed to sleep. This is especially important if you are breast feeding as your baby will smell your milk.

Once you have made this transition, move on to eliminate the feed altogether by using the appropriate sleep program. If your child is dependent on being fed to go to sleep, or she is only having a very short feed when she wakes at this time, I suggest you commence a sleep and settling program.

Tips: A baby who self settles and does not cat nap (sleeps less than one hour) during the day, rarely has difficulty sleeping long hours over night.

Remember: Some babies sleep through the night at a very early age but later begin to wake again at night these babies often need an extra feed at this time.

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