Changing Seasons and How It Affects Your Child's Temperature

Spring and Autumn is a time of changing temperatures both inside and outside. We as parents need to be aware of the clothing our children are wearing. It is easy to overdress or underdress children at this time of year.

Children are less able than adults to regulate their body temperature and need you to regulate how much or little they should wear. It is generally thought that babies should wear one layer more that you when going out, as they are mostly inactive. Older children and more active children can get overheated quickly. When sleeping their room should be the same temperature as yours and to having the same amount of bed linen as you is a safe bet. If you are concerned about the temperature of their room, check it with a thermometer*. Night-waking may occur when your child gets cold or to hot. For children still in a cot you may like to sleep them in a sleeping bag or an all-in-ones to ensure their bed linen is not kicked off. Sleeping bags are dangerous for children sleeping in a bed. Whether your child in a cot uses a sleeping bag or not it is advisable to keep tucking a child in with a top sheet even if they don’t remain under it all night. A top sheet can be tucked in with the length across the bed which gives you more tuck and helps keep it in place. Don’t leave it loose over the child. Using a top sheet will help your child adjust when moved to a bed and can even eliminate some problems. Alternatively, with older children, you may like to keep one blanket free to be put on later once they are asleep.

During the day a good indication of your child’s temperature is to check with you hand behind their neck. Check their body temperature under normal conditions first before trying to check if they are too hot or too cold. Never over heat a child as this is a SIDS risk.

Tips: A good rule to follow when dressing a child is to put layers on. This way if they are getting hot or cold you can either take off a layer or two or put more on to keep them warm. View our Clothing Guide * Note: In Australia a comfortable room temperature should be around 22-25˚c. Be aware that some nursery thermometers are made for cooler climates are may state 18 -20 as just right. This may be just right if you are from the UK but not if you live in Australia.


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