Are You Dependent on the Pram to Settle Your Baby?

What is ‘Pram Dependency’?

I am referring to those who have a bias towards their prams for settling their baby. There are some babies who prefer to be settled in their prams to sleep. Cradle 2 Kindy has been called out to assist parents in teaching their children to sleep in their cots after many months of rocking baby to sleep in her pram.

Be warned a pram should not be used as a settling method unless you have already tried all other means to settle her. This is to be a one off occasion when she is over tired or unwell. Not an everyday occurrence. The pram can also be used when teaching your baby to sleep in conjunction to using one of the many sleeping techniques that are taught. When taking baby for a walk during sleep time make sure baby is strapped in securely. Cover the pram with a dark wrap (a white wrap may damage baby’s eyes due to the glare). Being covered will prevent her from being distracted and help her to understand it is not yet up time.

Tips: It is better not to start settling your baby in the pram but if you have work on breaking the habbit as soon as possible.

Remember: The longer you wait to break a habit the harder it is for you and your baby.

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