A Solution for Children who Wake Early

Do you have a baby or toddler who wakes early? You may wonder how to encourage them to sleep a little longer. One family I visited told me that they had been able to resettle their toddler by explaining that it was dark outside, the sun was still sleeping. This seemed to work quite well until daylight saving arrived and the sun was up by four thirty to five o'clock. It was then I came up with an idea that has worked for many parents ever since.

Some parents have tried the following method with babies as young as nine months old. Obviously you don’t see immediate results with a little baby but over time they eventually learn what you are trying to teach them. The thing is to be patient and consistent with your message.

The magic lamp

Use a timer purchased from a hardware store or a Wemo electrical plug with AP and a lamp with low watt bulb. Set the timer for fifteen minutes after your baby’s or toddler’s regular waking time. When your child wakes resettle them till the lamp goes on. Then go in and make a big fuss about the light going on and that it is now time to get up.

With a toddler it is easier because you can explain to them before going to bed that they can get out of bed once the light come on in the morning. If he gets out of bed or comes out of his room before the light goes on gently lead him back to bed and explain that the light much to on first before he can come out of his room.

As he gets older you may explain to him that he can play quietly in his room if it is light outside but the bed-light hasn’t gone on. Once the light goes on he can leave his room and come and see mummy and daddy.

Rest time

The lamp may also be used during the day to indicate when it is time to get up after a rest time. This is of course if your toddler has a sleep at the same time every day. If he is unable to sleep, allow him to read quietly till the lamp goes on. This will indicate to him that his rest time is over.

This method can be used with infants in a cot and will prepare them for when they move into a bed. If you choose to use this technique, please remember to get him out of the cot if he is awake when the lamp goes on. This will reward him for playing quietly on his own and when you move him to his own bed the lamp will have the same meaning.

Tips: This method can be used with babies as young as nine months old and if introduced before a child is moved from her cot will assist with sleeping in a bed.

Remember: As your child gets older, you can begin to teach them how to read the time by showing them where the hands of the clock need to be when it is time to get out of bed.

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