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Children of all ages and at various times have difficulty sleeping. Often poor sleep habits begin at birth when babies are rocked, nursed, breastfed or given a dummy to help them sleep. These become sleep associations that baby becomes dependent upon and thus looks to you his parent, for assistance with sleeping.

At Cradle 2 Kindy we specializes in teaching babies and toddlers to self settle which has lead us to create aids to assist sleep the latest being Sleep Solutions 'sounds for sleep'. This CD continues to astonish parents with the speed in which it calms and settles babies. Within minutes baby has calmed sufficiently to be able to sleep. Previously we encouraged the use of soft relaxing music to settle babies but our latest CD works even better. The CD has been developed after studying the response of babies including those which are very unsettled with colic or reflux. Some of theses babies will only sleep while the CD is being played.

Sleep Solutions may be used in a very noisy household where baby is often startled or disturbed by sudden interior or external noises. Again, unless you have a very unsettled baby it is a good idea to use Sleep Solutions 'sounds for sleep' only when trying to settle or resettle an unsettled baby - if it is constantly used baby may become accustomed to the sound which will then weaken the effect when you are trying to settle your baby during those difficult times.

It is not a good idea for the household to suddenly go quiet when baby is sleeping. It is better for baby to become accustomed to the usual household noises and be able to sleep through them. Keep in mind that some children are naturally light sleepers and may need their door closed especially if you also have a toddler, this helps to keep the majority of the noise muffled.

Tips: Sleep assisting tools should only be used in conjunction with a settling program.

Remember: All tools to assist with sleep can potentially become an addiction where baby will only go to sleep if assisted in this way.

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