Sleep Solutions MP3


At Cradle 2 Kindy we specialize in teaching babies and toddlers to self settle which has led us to create aids to assist sleep the latest being our white noise MP3 Sleep Solutions 'sounds for sleep'. This download continues to astonish parents with the speed in which it calms and settles babies. Within minutes baby has calmed sufficiently to be able to sleep. Previously we encouraged the use of soft relaxing music to settle babies but our latest download is even better. Parents are to play the white noise during the durartion of the sleep. When used to calm a distressed baby use it at the same volume of your baby's cry. As they calm, lower the volume to match. The download has been developed after studying the response of babies including those which are very unsettled with colic or reflux. Some of theses babies will only sleep while the white noise MP3 is being played.

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