Parenting Solutions Membership

Helping Worried, Second-Guessing, Sleep Deprived Parents Grow in Confidence
After working with and listening to the needs of thousands of parents in my local community who were all asking the same questions over and over, I developed a membership program where parents can access quality information and real answers for their parenting struggles no matter where they are in the world.

What Is Included

Build your parenting village and grow in knowledge, skills and confidence.
  • Exclusive Facebook group for your age group
  • Exclusive coaching access whether online, phone or in person.
  • Ask questions and get answers 24/7 from other members and clients
  • Download age-specific sleep plans and routines
  • Move up to the next age-group when your little one is ready
BONUS: Discounts on local events and workshops

I Can Help With

  • establishing good feeding

  • routines

  • naps

  • developing healthy sleep habits and

  • soothing an unsettled newborn

  • starting solids

  • developmental changes

  • rolling and transitioning to no swaddle

  • self-settling and re-settling

  • independent play

  • emotional development

  • bedtime routine

  • weaning or continued breastfeeding

  • returning to work

  • language

  • toilet training

  • picky eating

  • transitioning to a bed

  • behaviour

  • preparing for kindergarten

  • tantrums and meltdowns


I really like that Christine sold her self and her business as "parent coaching", not just "sleep training". For me it was never going to be enough to shut the door and let my little boy cry to learn to sleep on his own.


After nearly three years of next to no sleep every aspect of my parenting had been doubted (mainly by me). I needed Christine to tell us (my husband and I) that we knew what we were doing, that we were doing a great job and that we could turn this whole sleep thing around!


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