Confident Parents

Confident parents know their stuff. They like to do their research but get fatigue combing the internet for reliable information.

Cradle 2 Kindy's Parenting Solutions membership program is perfect for confident parents. Our age-specific Facebook groups grant you access to downloads, articles, videos and a community of parents in the same boat.

You'll have access to Christine Jolly, your parent coach during the duration of your child's early years (birth - 5 years old). You can ask questions in the group, getting responses from Christine, Cradle 2 Kindy clients and other members.

At only $10/month, this option is the most cost effective way to ensure your success as a parent.

Unsure Parents

Unsure parents thought they knew what they were doing but something bumped them off track and they're not sure what went wrong or how to get back on the right path.

Cradle 2 Kindy's parent coach, Christine Jolly is only a phone call away. Whether it's tricky naps, picky eating or tantrums, Christine will listen to your concerns and help you brainstorm a path forward to peaceful homes, confident parents and contented babies and children.

Your 40 minute phone coaching will be complemented by

  • a week of follow-up support,

  • your Facebook membership group,

  • tailor-made plan,

  • downloads

to help KEEP you on the right track.


Schedule a one-off call or commit to weekly or monthly accountability with your parent coach, Christine Jolly.

Make that call and your sleepless nights, befuddling behaviour or eating dramas could all be a distant memory.


Coaching Calls available to members only.

Lost Parents

Lost parents are not few and far between. With your mum no longer living in the same town, parenting on our own is the new norm. You might be the first among your peers to enter the parenting journey and don't have a community to tap into to gain hands-on knowledge and experience.

A Cradle 2 Kindy home visit is exactly what you need. Your parent coach, Christine Jolly will arrive with a smile and a bag full of confidence, experience and knowledge to pass on to you. Over a few hours you will sip on cups of tea, talk about your journey, go over any concerns and get hands-on with parenting techniques that will increase your own confidence and bond with your little one.

With access to your membership Facebook group, resources and weekly Q&As, your home visit also  includes 2 weeks of daily follow-up support.

Hobart parents who feel a bit lost will get a boost in their confidence when they book a home visit.

Home Visits are available for members only.