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Toddler & Child

A Cradle 2 Kindy parenting coach can assist with professional advice to help you learn parenting skills such as:

  • recognising the needs of your child
  • developing their self esteem
  • assist with bedtime routines
  • teaching techniques to help with sleep
  • teach your child to stay in bed at night
  • establishing a daily routine
  • dispelling temper tantrums
  • addressing problems before they begin
  • advice on weaning, solids and food refusal
  • toilet training
  • biting
  • ideas for play and development
  • tips on sibling rivalry
  • preparing for a new baby
  • time out for yourself

Cradle 2 Kindy covers 3 general areas in these visits:

This service includes information on your child’s age related needs, two weeks of follow up phone calls, a series of weekly e-letters to assist you for a month, our monthly newsletter and access to our members area which has a lot more information including an e-book down load 'When the Bough Breaks' which has age appropriate tips on parenting 1 to 5 yr olds.

Cradle 2 Kindy also provides an opportunity for parents to have time off by providing Respite for parents, a Night Nurses or a Professional Babysitter.

Behavioural Guidance

Do you have a child who seems to be out of control?  Would you like to understand why or how you can bring some normality back to your household? Cradle 2 Kindy can provide professional support to assistance you in this task. 

With the growing interest in shows like the Supper Nanny parents are becoming more aware of their child’s unacceptable behaviour and are looking to professionals like Cradle 2 Kindy for help. 

This essential service is for families who would like to avoid or correct any behavioural problems. Setting things right before bad habits become the norm.

Topics covered in these visitations are

Discipline & boundaries
Self esteem & confidence
Preparing for a newborn
Sibling rivalry
Play ideas

There are several areas relating to behaviour which our coaches cover on each visitation.  A day visit is generally 3 hours.  Overnight stays relating to night waking and bedtime antics are 2 -3 nights. 

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Warning: Unruly toddlers and children may become uncontrollable teenagers.

Discipline and Boundaries

Although toddlers and young children are a delight, they can also be very trying! Some reasons why a child has developed unacceptable behaviour are - sleep deprivation, lack of routine or boundaries, illness or a medical condition such as ADD or ADHD.  

Children also learn from their environment therefore we as parents are responsible to raise children so that they may be socially acceptable.  We teach from our example how to communicate, how to behave and how to get along with others. 

Unfortunately parenting doesn’t always come naturally; we need to be taught how to raise our children.  Cradle 2 Kindy professional educators can help you recognise your children’s needs, where to set boundaries and when and how to apply discipline.

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Toddler tantrums and uncooperative behaviour can rattle any parent.  Unruly behaviour if left unchecked will get out of hand.  If you need assistance in this sometime difficult endeavour we can assist you.  We teach methods to diffuse tantrums and unacceptable behaviour including those related to bed time. Many parents have benefited from the support of a personal coach from Cradle 2 Kindy. 

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Self Esteem and Confidence

Children of all ages respond well to routines and boundaries.  Routines give them a sense of security and belonging, it’s reassuring to know what comes next.  Set guidelines assist in building self esteem and establishing a sense of confidence to your child. 

Routines vary depending on the family’s schedules, dynamics, and personality of the child.  All these variations are taken into consideration when discussing a daily routine to suit your family. Let your Cradle 2 Kindy coach assist you in establishing routine and boundaries that best suits your family.

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Preparing for a New Baby

With a new arrival there needs to be some adjustment to the existent family unit and your activities.  Cradle 2 Kindy is able to give you some helpful tips on how to introduce younger members of the family to their new baby and provide tips for contentions between siblings.  

In this visit your consultant will discuss how you can help your family prepare and adjust to a new baby coming home. 

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a normal part of family life and learning to live with one another. 

Out of this relationship we learn how to share, co-operate with one another, listen, communicate, deal with our feelings, understand others point of view and feelings, and how to resolve conflict.     

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Play Ideas

During this visit ask your personal coach about age appropriate play ideas for your child. 

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Sleep Time for Toddlers & Children

Does your child go to bed late or rise early are they frequently waking during the night or do you lack a bedtime routine?  If so Cradle 2 Kindy can assist you. 

Our personal parenting coaches can if necessary stay overnight to implement a plan that will solve your child's sleep problems and bring harmony to your family. 

Our visitation is typically 2 -3 nights although extended visits are available.

Topics covered in these visitations are

Day sleep
Out of a cot into a bed
Moving out of the parents bed
Breaking a dummy fixation
Night time routines
Night waking
Early risers

Day Sleeps - those who resist a day nap/rest

A rest or daytime sleep is still important for a toddler and young developing preschooler.   We suggest you encourage your child to have an after lunch rest if they are unable to sleep during the day.   Children up to the age of 5 need 1-3 hour day sleep and 12 hours at night to help their little bodies grow, develop and to help fight disease.  

Rest/sleep time often assists stay-at-home mums who need to have some personal time or who are expecting another child or have a baby to attend to.  

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Out of the cot into a bed

Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions will help you teach your child stay in their bed during the night.  Make going to bed a pleasurable time without tantrums and how to encourage your child not to get out of bed during the night.

Moving out of their Parent's bed

This can be a difficult time for both parent and child.  Parents often realise that sleeping with their child is not always what is best for their child.  With this realisation comes the difficulty of moving them into their own bed in their own room.  Our parenting coaches understand this can be a stressful time where parents need not only professional support but moral support.  This is where we can assist you.

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Breaking a Dummy/Pacifier Fixation

If your child has a dummy fixation and you want help and advice on how to eliminate this habit (as it may be interfering with sleep, speech or teeth and jaw development in your child), a parenting coach can assist you. 

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Bedtime Routines - children who struggle to go to bed

Children from nine months should be getting up to 12 hours sleep at night this should continue until around ten years old.  Sleep enables brain, physical growth and the immune system to reboost. It also prevents sleep deprivation.

If you have difficulty at bed time or to encourage your child to remain in his/her own bed till an acceptable time in the morning Cradle 2 Kindy can help.  A personal coach can assist in establishing a bedtime routine which suits the whole family, and if needed stay with you overnight.  We provide parental instruction and support while teaching your child techniques to promote good sleep habits.

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Night Waking - children who wake during the night

A parenting coach from Cradle 2 Kindy can assist you in teaching your child to sleep through the night.  Your child will benefit from our proven and effective techniques which will encourage self settling.  Watch your child respond to consistent, professional advice as you teach them these new skills. 

Our son, 22 months, would not sleep on his own and would wake on the hour and cry when he found his mum or dad was no longer sitting on the edge of his bed. It would take 30 minutes to resettle only for him to wake again and the process was repeated. In short, sleep deprivation had set in in a big way for the whole family. We tried different methods for months – but felt helpless and exhausted as nothing worked. Cradle 2 Kindy sent a parenting coach who changed all this in 48 hours, giving me the confidence and skills to teach my son to sleep for 11 hours a night.” Sarah – Crows Nest, NSW

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Early Rising - children who wake to early

Many parents have children who wake early, before and acceptable time.  We can teach you techniques which will help you to reprogram your child's body clock or how to encourage them to remain quietly in there room till an appropriate time. 

“Our three year old had been waking at 5 am since nine months – nothing we tried worked. Our one year was starting to copy. We called Cradle 2 Kindy. Our parenting coach installed her ‘magic light’ and within two nights she would not call out until “the magic light is on” at 6.30 am. It’s been four months now and it still works well. Our one year old also has a magic light now. We wished we had called Cradle 2 Kindy two years ago!!” Sarah – Balgowlah, NSW

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Feed Time

Meal times in some households are not always pleasurable they are fraught with arguments, food fights, tears and attention seeking behaviour.  Let a Cradle 2 Kindy educator assist you in bringing harmony and co-operation during these hours. 

Let us help you implement a plan that will help bring about happy meal times. 

Topics covered in our visitation are

Weaning from a Bottle

We encourage introducing a cup between 4-6 months and weaning from all bottles by the latest twelve months.  If you need some advice on this topic please arrange for a coach from Cradle 2 Kindy to visit you.

“A life changing experience literally! Now we have time as a couple after Annie goes to bed without a bottle. I only wish I had done it sooner!” Sarah – Randwick, NSW

It would be advisable to read the dangers on extended bottle use in the Article - Speech and the use of a Dummy or Pacifier in the section on Articles

Fussy Eaters

There’s no doubt that some children are fussy eaters.  We can help with tried and true methods to encourage you child to eat a variety of foods.

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Mealtime Mania - tantrums at the table

Cradle 2 Kindy personal parenting coaches will look at how to prevent and avoid unacceptable mealtime behaviour and discuss mealtime routines and boundaries to suit the whole family.

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Also read some of our Case Studies and client's Toddler & Child testimonials.

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