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Parenting Solutions - Set of 4 e-books
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Parenting Solutions

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PLEASE NOTE: With your purchase you will receive a FREE copy of The Fundamentals of Parenting. If you would like to buy 2 e-book, please select 3 e-books from the drop down list on the left (your purchase plus the free copy of The Fundamentals of Parenting). Similarly if you would like to buy 4 e-books, please select 5 e-books.

Our range of parenting publications have been produced to enhance your parenting skills and assist in the development of your children from conception to five years of age. Parenting can be scary task but with our range of publications, we will walk you through the complex parenting maze you face.

After reading our range of parenting specific publications you can be sure that you will have the skills and knowledge to tackle many of the parenting challenges you will face. Written by industry experts, our range of publications holds the answers to just about all of your parenting questions.

These are the E-books we have available online:  (A4 page size in PDF format)

The Fundamentals of Parenting 
Responsibility Understanding Nurturing: 30 pages jam packed with 101 things you need to know and expect with your child from conception through to five years of age. The book will take you through the suggestions, tips, and myths surrounding parenthood. With the advice contained in this book, you will be forever indebted to the timely and relevant advice it provides for all of your parenting needs.

A Twinkle in Mother's Eye (coming soon)
Preparation for Parenthood: Conception through to Birth. The period between conception to the birth of your child will undoubtedly be one of the scariest times in your life and you will want to know the answers to the unknown and little known. This book will prepare you for the challenges ahead and make sure you have the information to make informed and detailed decisions involving your child's upcoming birth.

The Cradle Will Rock E-book
Parenting skills for Newborns: 0-3 Months. (86 pages) You have finally done it; Your bundle of joy has come home. But what now? The Cradle will Rock is packed full of information and tips to make sure you set your parenting routine and enjoy what your new baby brings to your life. This book is sure to relieve the majority of stresses that come from the new addition to your family.  

Hush a Bye Baby E-book
Parenting skills for Babies: 3-9 Months. (103 pages) Your parenting adventure keeps on going; so what can you expect now? Hush a Bye Baby will guide you through this important development stage for your baby. Your baby will be starting to go through some changes that may be unnerving for both you and your baby. Don’t leave your responses to these changes to chance. Hush a Bye Baby has something for everyone.

When the Wind Blows  E-book,
Parenting skills for Infants: 9 -18 Months. (88 pages)  Raising an infant requires dedication and knowledge; do you have what it takes? Children aged 9 – 18 months have unique needs and as a loving parent, you need the guidance and advice that makes sure you can get it right from the start.  

When the Bough Breaks E-book,
Parenting skills for Toddler & Child: 1 – 5 years old. (74 pages) Undoubtedly the most active time for both you and your child. Children aged between one and five years will be starting to explore the world as never before. They will have needs and demands that will test you. But don’t distress help is on the way with ‘When the Bough Breaks’.