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Newborn Baby Care

It is often frightening coming home without professional support well now there is no need to be concerned as Cradle 2 Kindy has the perfect answer. 

Those who experience our parenting service are very excited.  Why? Because there's nothing out there quite like it!  We can provide you with your very own parenting coach who can take you through from your arrival home till your child is five years old! 

Starting with our consultation for newborn baby care which may cover various topics including:

Newborn parent support
Cat napping and snacking
Establishing a routine

Colic / reflux
Crying unsettled baby
Multiple births- twins / triplets
Baby massage

Topics covered vary depending on your circumstances.

This service includes information on your baby’s age related needs, two weeks of follow up phone calls, a series of weekly e-letters to assist you for a month, our monthly newsletter and access to our members area which has a lot more information including useful charts plus your free e-book down load The Cradle Will Rock which has age appropriate tips on parenting newborns to 3 months.  

Cradle 2 Kindy also provides an opportunity for parents to have time off by providing a professional babysitting.

Newborn Parent Support (from birth to 3 months old)

Our visit addresses common misconceptions and myths, how to avoid sleeping problems, understand and recognises your baby’s needs and how to have time out for yourself.  We will demonstrate practical wrapping and settling techniques and cover topics such as breast or bottle feeding concerns, newborn baby care, family routines.

This service is not limited to first time parents.  Many parents with an existing family also benefit from our visits.

“Cradle 2 Kindy provided us with a parenting coach who gave both myself and my partner the confidence to settle a newborn, even though it was our second baby, we had a lot to learn. Our coach was a great help and would recommend Cradle 2 Kindy services to any new or old parents.” Wendy - Newtown, NSW

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Breastfeeding doesn't always come easy that's why our lactation advisors are ready to help.  We will look at attachment, undersupply, oversupply, and cover topics such as mastitis, expressing and storing breastmilk.

Poor feeding habits may contribute to poor sleep.  Those who are breastfeeding often wonder if their milk supply is sufficient or does it containing enough nutrition.   Perhaps your feeding is what is contributing to your child’s poor sleep.   Your consultant will be able to help you with these and other questions you may have on breastfeeding.

“Cradle 2 Kindy arranged for a parenting coach who helped us on two separate occasions. One was in discuss feeding and sleep issues. The sound advice we received has assisted me in moving forward from what has been a difficult start in breastfeeding.” Kim - Paddington, NSW

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Cat-Napping and Snacking

Your personal coach is able to teach you how to implement settling techniques for newborns. This will help you read babies tired signs, better understand their needs and help avoid future sleeping issues. 

Several hours are spent with your family enabling us to assess your needs this often reveals things that you may have overlooked discussing when seeking help from other health professional.

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Establishing a Routine

Routines help us have time to ourselves, time to arrange appointments and time to spend with other members of the family. Children who have established routines very early in their lives are less likely to have poor sleep habits.

Routines give children a sense of security and belonging, knowing what to expect during the day is very reassuring. This is why we like to start bedtime and other routines early in a baby's life. Routines generally make life a lot easier. 

Routines vary depending on the family’s schedules and dynamics. Some parents have a very lax family routine while others are sticklers for routine. If you are caring for your first child make the most of the free time you have for when number two and then three arrive there is a lot more adjustment needed. Often the new arrival needs to adjust to the existent family activities. 

Let us assist you in establishing a routine that best suits your family.

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Oesophageal Reflux / Colic

Many babies suffer from what is frequently called ‘colic’. These babies are often later diagnosed with Oesophageal Reflux. Babies suffering from silent reflux, those that do not vomit, may often go undiagnosed. A baby with reflux is an irritable, unsettled baby who constantly needs attention. Parents and carers can easily become worn trying various means to cope with their unsettled baby. Some may even suggest it is behavioural.

Our coaches specialise in teaching parents how to settle their baby and to establishing a routine. If our educator considers the child may be suffering from oesophageal reflux (heart-burn) or another ailment causing discomfort for the baby, she would encourage you to consult a paediatrician or a paediatric gastroenterologist for further treatment.

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Crying unsettled baby

Do you have a crying baby and would like to understand why your baby is so unsettled? Cradle 2 Kindy educators are experienced professionals who may be able to help find the reasons why your baby is so unsettled. Your baby may be unsettled due to over handling, lack of sleep, illness or a medical condition such as reflux, if you’re breast feeding it may be low supply or if your baby is bottle feed it may be due to an intolerance to the formula or constipation. 

Cradle 2 Kindy personal coach is able to help you determine what is making your baby so unsettled and assist you in implementing a plan that will comfort your baby and help bring harmony to your family. 

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Multiple Births

Multiple births are both exciting and daunting, particularly for first time parents. Remove some of the stress by allowing us to build your skills and confidence, and establish a daily routine which will allow you to enjoy this very special experience.

Coming home with your babies can be overwhelming especially for those who have had babies in the special care nursery. Babies demand attention, this can lead to feelings of helplessness and of things getting out of hand. Anxious feelings may lead to further worries such as the lack the skills to look after them correctly. All this can cause, particularly in the mother, feelings of incompetence and lack of self-worth.

Parenting is a big responsibility which most of us are not prepared for, let alone those with multiple births. Your Cradle 2 Kindy personal coach can help still your fears and boost your confidence. Providing support and equip you and your partner with the skills needed to parent multiple births.

Minimum duration for day visit: 3 hour. Recommended duration: 24-48 hours, extended stays available.

“Arriving home from hospital was a daunting experience. The first night home was a shocker waking frequently for feeds! Fortunately help was on it's way as my mother had arranged for Sally to help us out for the first week. In no time she had us on a routine that suited the whole family which is quite a task as we have two older children three and five and a half year old. We needed to juggle feed times for all the family, school, daycare and time out for us as a couple. Even with the experience gained from having two older children there was a lot to adjust to with twins especially with feeding them together. We learnt the skills of twin feeding; setting ourselves up and knowing the tricks of the trade really helped. Things seemed to be going well then they began to become more and more unsettled. Our suspicions were confirmed when Sally noticed they were beginning to show signs of reflux. Once on medication both babies settled down to a predictable routine. We are so pleased we had help right from the start.” Caroline – Gordon, NSW

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Baby Massage

Baby massage is beneficial for both baby and parent. Ask your personal coach to give you a demonstration and equip you with the skills and confidence to make this a part of your baby’s routine. Baby Massages may be a one off visit or part of your Baby Package

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