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What Happens at a Parent Coaching Session?

The Cradle 2 Kindy professional educator who visits you becomes your personal coach. On her first visit she may stay with you a minimum of three and a half hours during this time she will look at your goals and your present situation, discuss your goals and if necessary suggest alternatives to get you back on track. She may also look at routines and age appropriate play. There will be variety of topics covered and answer any questions you may have. If necessary you may ask her to extend her stay or book a second visit for the future. Overnight stays and extended visits are available.

What can you expect from a parenting coach?

Cradle 2 Kindy parenting coaches’ have a professional approach with a casual touch. We don’t expect you to be perfectly groomed with your house in order. We try to fit into your environment and help you improve your parenting skills to suit your family and your situation.

What do we provide?

Our visitation is typically during the day for 3 hour (2 hours for existing clients) although extended visits and overnight stays are available.

Parents receive a gift pack and various handouts. Fliers on several topics are included with some parenting services as well as specific e-books for parenting your child.  If you provide us with your email address you will also receive a monthly newsletter.

Baby Packages are available for four visits covering various ages till nine months. See Additional Services for more information.
Gift Vouchers may also be purchased for various parenting services. See Additional Services for more information.

What advantages are there?

  • How does a Cradle 2 Kindy personal coach help you?
  • You remain in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.
  • Both parents can be involved. We highly recommend and encourage both parents being involved. This gives consistency in what you are teaching and support for one another.
  • Understanding your baby/child’s needs resulting in a happy, contented, rested baby/child
  • Organising extra time for yourself.
  • Reduces stress and worry so that you can enjoy your baby/child and partner
  • Enhancing sleep patterns for you and your baby/toddler
  • Support and skills to increase confidence for parents new and old.

The age and personality of your child will determine the program we use to assist your children to adjust to a new routine.

What we are?

Cradle 2 Kindy parenting coaches are professionally trained to work with children from birth to five years. Many Cradle 2 Kindy coaches are also trained mothercraft, lactation consultants, midwives, child and family health.  All Cradle to Kindy parenting coaches have gone through our intensive trained program.

What we are not?

Cradle 2 Kindy coaches do not provide medical advice for sick children. If you need medical advice we suggest you contact your local GP, Paediatrician or hospital.

What is the cost?

An all important question one that can be answered by one of our mothers who said “it’s not the expense that matters, it’s our sanity.”
Cost depends the time and length of visitation. Please ring us for more information.

Follow up phone calls

Help is just a phone call away.  It can be difficult to leave the house to get parenting advice now for existing clients we are only a phone call away. No longer do you have to rely on unsolicited advice from well meaning individual your parenting coach will provide timely and relevant advice for your situation when you need it most. Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions policy is to provide 2 weeks of follow up phone calls.

Frequently Asked Questions about How Parent Coaching Works

Q. What are your costs?
A. Considering our ongoing service, the peace of mind your family receives and possible the avoidance of medical bills due to depression or at worse possible costs of a divorce due to sleep deprivation, our costs are very reasonable. For a set time you will be able to call your coach for any further questions or arrange for a follow up visit for a minimum of two hours. Cradle 2 Kindy coaches bring help right to your door. For further information please contact us on 0409 721 145.

Q. I thought parenting came through natural instincts. Why do I often feel I don’t have those ‘natural instincts’?
A. Parenting is a learnt skill. In the past we learnt from those around us. These days it is wise to get professional advice, as advanced studies and research have brought about many changes which will enhance and equip parents in their task of parenting. Many families, not only first time parents, have benefited from our home visits as every child is different and has differing needs that may need to be addressed.

Q. Why is it important to address habits early?
A. Teaching good habits early will help you to avoid some of the pit falls, which lead to bad habits later. The older the child becomes, the more difficult it is to break an established habit.

Q. If our coach is staying overnight what does she need?
A. Each coach may have different needs depending on the reason for her visit, it is wise to discuss these when you book her appointment.

“We just can’t believe the results. It is absolutely unbelievable. We were really at the end of our tether when we rang Cradle 2 Kindy. We had tried just about every method to prevent our seven month old from waking every two hours. After the first might with our parenting coach I was still sceptical. After some reassurance we continued and the results were amazing. From the second night and it has continued, we all have slept soundly all night!” Louise – Paddington, NSW

“Our coach made us feel comfortable right for the start. She fitted in to our family like an old friend. The difference was she came with a wealth of knowledge and experience that gave us confidence to trust her with the well being our child.” Nicola – Bondi, NSW

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