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Brit Milah / Circumcision Assistance

Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions provides a unique service that covers this important event. Many parents and Mohel highly recommend our invaluable assistance. Your educator will help take much of the stress and tension out of this special event. The reassurance of someone who is professionally able to care for baby's needs as well as being a comfort to parents is priceless. Your personal nurse arrives approximately one hour before the event and assists with pre and post operative care allowing parents time to prepare themselves and to socialise with guests knowing that the baby is in good hands.

Minimum duration for day visit: 5 hour. Extended stays available.

This service includes information on your baby’s age related needs, two weeks of follow up phone calls, a series of 4 weekly e-letters to assist you with newborn care, our monthly newsletter and access to our members area which has a lot more information including useful charts plus your e-book down load Hush a Bye Baby which has age appropriate tips on parenting newborns to 3 months of age.

If you would like extra protection after the circumcision for your baby please inquire about the Bobby Shield.  Follow this link for more information on this product Bobby Shield

“Our parenting coach for Cradle 2 Kindy came to us for five hours to assist with caring for our newborn on the day of his circumcision. We were delighted with her care in this regards but we weren’t counting on the helpful advice she offered on settling techniques and breastfeeding. As first time parents only just home from hospital, we really appreciated the guidance and support our coach provided.” Dover Heights, NSW

“Our parenting coach took charge at my twin boys Brit Milah – she did everything that needed to be done and knew the procedures of the Brit Milah. She also gave us some good practical advice. She was amazing and made the day seem so carefree. Thank you Cradle 2 Kindy.” St Ives, NSW

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