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Baby Care

Baby care covers areas such as feed, play and sleep.  A Cradle 2 Kindy personal coach can assist with professional advice to help you learn parenting skills such as:

  • breast or bottle feeding / weaning and introduction to solids
  • recognise the needs of your baby and their sibling
  • addressing problems before they begin
  • teach sleep and settling techniques
  • give ideas for play and development
  • establish a daily routine
  • how to make time for yourself

Topics covered in a visitation may vary depending on your circumstances, typical areas of interest to parents are:

   Poor day sleeping
   Night waking
   Family routine

          Weaning from a bottle or breast 
          Introducing solids
          Play ideas
          Baby massage

This service includes information on your baby’s age related needs, two weeks of follow up phone calls, 4 weekly of e-letters to help you keep on track, our monthly newsletter and access to our members area which has a lot more information including useful charts plus your copy of our e-book down load Hush a Bye Baby which has age appropriate tips on parenting 3 to 9 months or When the Wind Blows which has age appropriate tips on parenting 9 to 18 months of age.  

Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions also provides an opportunity for parents to have time off by providing:
Respite for parents, Night Nurses and Professional Babysitting 
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Poor Day Sleep

If your baby is cat napping, sleeping an hour or less during his/her day sleeps then they probably haven’t learnt how to self settle. These babies have not entered their all important REM sleep. This is the sleep where brain and physical growth occurs; it is also where our bodies re-boost our immune systems. REM sleep doesn’t take place until babies second sleep cycle – after their first hours sleep.

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours for our parenting coach to assist you.

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Night Waking

Cradle 2 Kindy receive many calls from desperate sleep deprived parents to support them in teaching their baby to sleep through the night. This visit is a minimum of two nights.

Implementing the routine in your baby’s environment avoids disorientation and insecurities that come from staying at a sleep school or institution. 

We also take into consideration the age and personality of a child.  Each age group has differing needs and requires different methods of settling.  Personality plays a large role as what may suit one child may not suit another.

Several hours are spent with your family enabling us to assess your needs this often reveals things that you may have overlooked discussing with others.

“Our eight and a half month old son was causing us serious sleep deprivation, we were being woken up to six times a night, I would be continually feeding him just to get him to be quiet. Our coach from Cradle 2 Kindy arrived when we were at the end of our tether. After two nights we now have a baby that sleeps for eleven hours without waking. We have a much happier baby and parents who feel normal again”. Joanne – Coogee, NSW

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Family Routine

Babies respond well to routines, routines provide children with a sense of security and belonging, it’s reassuring to know what comes next.  Larger families need routines especially those whose children are involved in outside activities such as preschool, swimming, music. If you don't as yet have a routine for your baby you may like to discuss how a routine may benefit your family.

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breats feedingThere’s no doubt that one of the best gifts a mother can give her child is to breast feed. However, breastfeeding can be a difficult and stressful time for both mother and baby.

Our lactation advisors can help with tried and true advice on:

  • fussy feeders / breast refusal
  • attachment and positioning
  • expressing and storage of breast milk
  • under-supply and increasing your supply
  • over-supply, avoiding/dealing with mastitis, lumpy breasts
  • coming off a nipple-shield
  • weaning or moving from breast to bottle
  • is my baby getting sufficient and the nutrition needed for growth?
  • How long should a feed take and how often should I be feeding?
  • Do I offer both breasts or is one enough per feed?
  • When and how should I wean?

Also see Articles about Breastfeeding

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Weaning from Bottle or Breast & Bottle Refusal

Breastfeeding mothers often ask about the recommended age for weaning, some need assistance with weaning.  Bottle feeding mothers should aim to wean their child from the bottle once they are able to drink successfully from a cup.  This is usually recommended at 12 months of age.

Many mothers need to go back to work and need to wean or partly wean their child from the breast.  Your consultant will look at methods and give professional recommendations for bottles and teats.

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Introduction to Solids

Your coach will look at recommended methods and age for weaning and starting solids. Click on Articles for more information on these topics.

For those babies who have or are about to start solids there is a hand outs on “Introduction to Solids”.

'I arranged with Cradle 2 Kind services to assist with weaning my second baby, who was refusing bottle feeds and was not eating solids well either. After following advice and a day stay with another institution, nothing was working and I was becoming despondent! With the assistance of our parenting coach we persevered and tried different methods of bottle feeding over two days. It is hard work, but with my coach’s support we saw result she also provided valuable advice on other areas (eg. toddler discipline, safety at home) Thank you Cradle 2 Kindy.' Athena – Pyrmont, NSW

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Play Ideas

Your parenting coach can make suggestion on age appropriate play ideas and look at your baby’s daily routine and sleep needs. We can also instruct you on some simple massage techniques.

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Baby Massage

Baby massage is beneficial for both baby and parent. Ask your personal coach to give you a demonstration and equip you with the skills and confidence to make this a part of your baby’s routine. Baby Massages may be a one off visit or part of your Baby Package.

See Articles on Play and Learning :Stories, Songs and Rhymes

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