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Calcium Enriched Foods

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This article is for those who are needing to increase mothers, baby's or their toddlers diet due to a need to reduce dairy and dairy products.

approximate milligrams of calcium content per 1 cup.


450  turnip greens, cooked
450  mustard greens, cooked
330  bok choy, cooked
320  bean sprouts
250  spinach, cooked


126  dried figs,
106  ripe olives
 67   dried apricots
 62   sultanas
 60   black currants
 59   dates
 51   dried prunes
 41   oranges
 22   sweet cherries
 21   strawberries
 17   pineapple
 16   grapes
 10   avocado
  8    bananas
  7   apples

Calcium supplement


300  tapioca, dried
119  wheat brand
114  buckwheat raw
  72  wheat germ
  50  corn meal, whole grain
  40  rye flour, dark
  20 rye flour, light
  20 brown rice, cooked


900  sesame seeds
660  almonds
600  chestnuts
280  walnuts
260  sunflower seeds


450  soybeans, cooked
400  tofu
340  gabanze beans, cooked

Sea food

1093 Kelp
270   Salmon with the edible bones
260   Sardines with bones

Daily Requirements of Calcium

Calcium needs vary during your life the following is a list of daily requirements:

Breastfeeding mum's

  1300 mg



under 1 year 600 mg


1 - 3 years 400 mg
4 - 6 years 500 mg
7 - 10 years 600 mg


11 - 18 years girls 800 mg
11 - 18 years boys 1000 mg


19 years and over 700 mg

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